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We have forgotten to be patient, to be patient and to trust.  

Not every human can know everything. Internet and algorithms however suggest that this still might be so. And yet algorithms only lead to those search results, which the user wants to read. Humans do not become experts but only their prejudice is being confirmed.

The current situation (corona-pandemic) leads to a lot of insecurity. While governments install different measurements in the hope that these will lessen the effects of the corona-pandemic, people seek answers. This does not lead to enlightenment and knowledge but to miss-information and insecurity.

Insecurity leads to fear and fear to bad decisions and hate. This already happened in 1933 (in Germany) when people sought hope in Hitler and were instead only manipulated and mislead. This danger also exists currently. Who can tell, which are the aims of those, who question measurements without offering solutions or who launch conspiracy theories to fuel insecurity and hate?

The individual cannot prevent the corona-pandemic. No solution at all is if everybody the whole time confronts him/herself with alternatives and is thereby more and more unsettled. There are people, whose profession it is to take care of certain things. People should trust, that these experts take care of their area of expertise.

Lawyers for example more or less are expert in legal matters. They regard governmental action and can take care that constitutional rights and only being effected proportionately. They can however usually also not judge if certain measurements are efficient to reduce the corona-pandemic.

Should however someone get fined for not acting in accordance with a current governmental measurement, then he/she can ask an attorney to assess the rightfulness of such fine. The attorney will then also assess the legality of the governmental action. This does not happen immediately. This requires patience and trust in the expertise of the lawyer.

Other experts are health professionals, particularly virologists. If governments listen to experts and then impose certain measurements to contain the corona-pandemic, they do this because their trust the experts, who advise them. Some presidents rather believe in the geniality of their uncle or their manhood and try to misuse the situation for political reasons. But most democratic governments intend to lessen the effect of the corona-pandemic. This does not show immediately. This requires patience and trust in science-based action of the government.

With trust and patience, people will stay mentally healthy and will be able to cope with the crisis. It would be even better if they would tell themselves: “it is as it is and I will try to make the best of it.”

That in the long run constitutional and human rights are not being effected, is the responsibility of legal experts, who will initiate respective measurements if required.

What is of no use at all: Moaning, to try to interpret the future, fear, insecurity, pressure, assignment of guilt, hate and impatience. This is all being fueled on all ends and corners, for sure not with good intent.

As the individual can only influence the current factual fundamental aim, the spreading of the corona-pandemic in a very limited manner, it is of no use at all to drive oneself into madness. It is much healthier (mentally) to act in accordance with a couple of Chinese wisdoms – even if China should not be “in” at the moment: “It is as it is”, “who knows for what it is good”, “it will be good, if it is not good yet, we have not yet arrived.”

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