Self-Defense with Business Card

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Since more than ten years I practice martial arts. Since three years KravMaga.

KravMaga was developed by Imi (Imrich) Lichtenfeld in the 1930s from different martial art styles to enable himself and other victims an efficient self-defense against the fascist mob.

Since then KravMaga has evolved and is now being practiced worldwide. Self-defense techniques are being reduced to the necessary minimum. Everything is to be as efficient as possible. Fitness plays a big role.

The latter is the main reason for me to practice KravMaga. With Self-defense, I play it as already advised by the founder: “Self-Defense starts with avoidance.”

Despite the supreme court of the German Reich already having judged that a “disgraceful flight” is not to be expected. And self-defense justifies every mean to defend and end an assault completely. But it is still most efficient to void danger.

This is also the quintessence of an article in the “Business Punk” - magazine, “Fight Club for Desk Jockeys” about a seminar held by the KravMaga-school EVLTN Gym GmbH ( ) under the title „Self-Defense with common objects” (Issue 2, 2020).

If flight is not an option anymore, one may defend him/herself with using common objects of which one is a credit card:

Last exercise: This time, we use a credit card as defense-tool. We are to draw it across the aggressors face as quickly as possible to stop the assault. To practice, we use the business card of a defense lawyer. Probably makes sense anyway to have one about, just in case...."

The business cards used were mine, which are particularly useful for self-defense purposes.

Even when acting in self-defense, it makes sense to consult a defense lawyer and should it be “just” to represent your rights as a victim. But particularly when an aggressor is surprised because the supposed victim is a trained martial arts athlete and the aggressor leaves the place of action with a broken knee or other injuries, the tide could turn quickly. The aggressor might act as the victim. In such a situation it is useful to have the business card of a defense lawyer about - and not only mine.

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