I fight for you

Jack Reacher (Lee Child) tramps through the United States and fights for justice. His means are tactic and his fists. He is physically invincible, which he uses to get to the bottom of problems – to assess the facts, which are the basis for chosing between right or wrong. A motivated defense attorney acts similarly, just without applying his fists.

Randomness – not fit for a democracy.

Citizens have rights (of freedom), which are being guaranteed in the constitution. The state (law-creating and execution power) may limit such rights (of freedom) – but only with sufficient explanation. Should such limitation be done without sufficient explanation, the impression of randomness may arise.

Money and Greed

Reaction to the WireCard-Scandal shows: Money is a highly valued good. Through potential criminal behavior a potential damage is being caused – the state reacts and demands more power and control, hoping to being able to prevent such events in the future. Constitutional rights are to be restricted; only because of money and greed?

Self-Defense with Business Card

Even when acting in self-defense, it makes sense to consult a defense lawyer and should it be “just” to represent your rights as a victim. But particularly when an aggressor is surprised because the supposed victim is a trained martial arts athlete and the aggressor leaves the place of action with a broken knee or other injuries, the tide could turn quickly. The aggressor might act as the victim. In such a situation it is useful to have the business card of a defense lawyer about - and not only mine.

Gone to the dogs

An exceptional case: Long long time ago in a very distant different time, when it was even still snowing from time to time and distancing was a not known word. One of the very few professional mushers in Germany earned his daily bread as well as the daily bread of his dogs by offering rides through parks on his dog sledge to tourists. One day, the musher was just driving a customer through a park […]


Datenschutz rückte in den letzten Jahren immer mehr in den Fokus als persönliche Daten immer wichtiger wurden und das Bewusstsein, dass diese auch missbraucht werden könnten wuchs. Als die Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO) 2016 für Mai 2018 angekündigt wurde, entstand Panik-gleiche Hysterie, gefördert von Beratern, die einen Teil des Beratungsmarktes für sich gewinnen wollten. In allen möglichen Foren wurde täglich die Frage […]


We have forgotten to be patient, to be patient and to trust. With trust and patience, people will stay mentally healthy and will be able to cope with the crisis. It would be even better if they would tell themselves: “it is as it is and I will try to make the best of it.”

Extortion – Current Situation

Currently, extortion could become important when dealing with medical equipment, particularly sanitary masks.

Liquidity-Assessment – The valiant little tailor during the crisis

Due to the current corona-crisis, many entrepreneurs have their back to the wall. Due to ongoing bad news and setback of revenues, entrepreneurs do not know how to continue. In such a situation a solid liquidity assessment may generally help due to several reasons.

Freedom of Expression and Fake News

„Fake News“, also „Lüge“, sind seit fast zwei Jahren Schlagworte von Politikern, um sich als Opfer von angeblichen Pressekampagnen zu gerieren. Dies ist eine gefährliche Tendenz, die eines der wesentlichsten Freiheitsgrundrechte aller Demokratien, nämlich der Meinungsfreiheit (in Deutschland durch Artikel 5 Abs. 1 GG geschützt) bedroht. Warum ist das so? Die Meinungsfreiheit schützt – was nicht verwundert – die Freiheit […]

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