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Attorneys at law in many cases have to deal with crisis (of their clients). Attorneys have not been educated to help their clients other than with legal advice. Just to being able to have someone, who listens, one of the most important functions of lawyers, can help nevertheless.

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It is much being discussed how legal systems may be improved with the help of digital technology. Discussion comprises ideas on how to make communication between courts and lawyers or between lawyers easier, the implementation of pre-court or alternative dispute resolutions as well as discussions if courts of law should be offered through the internet. This is all nice to have and a valid matter of discussion. This however only relates to […]

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Due to large volumes of data, forensic data analysis requires a strategic approach. In the future, technical analysis conducted by software will prevent the potential strain for an analytical result due to bias. But already now, an analytic team should be open to a result, which might divert from its initial hypothesis. […]

It is all about freedom

Just as with many matters, opinions divert on this issue. The span reaches from “I can take care of myself,” “This does not bother me”, “It is too late anyway”, to “Why do the politicians not act quicker, they will be to blame if Corona spreads.” […]

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